DSAA (Superior Master’s Degree in Applied Arts, specialising in Graphic Design and Multimedia Story-Telling), 2nd cycle degree, equivalent to a Master’s Degree.

Public school

The DSAA (Superior Master’s Degree in Applied Arts), specialising in Graphic Design and Multimedia Story-Telling, aims at training creative executives seeking to work in communication units as artistic directors or creators-writers, or in the culture industry as creators, graphic designers or project managers in multimedia mediation.

In order to match as closely as possible the evolutions of these professional sectors, the DSAA offers a global, comprehensive curriculum including creative and technical graphic design courses on a variety of formats, all with a focus on image composition and story-telling:

  • Web design and application design
  • script-writing, video direction and editing
  • motion design
  • webradio and webdocumentaries
  • photography and silkscreen printing
  • interactive installations

This two-year curriculum favours the acquisition of knowledge and skill through the production of professional projects, all requiring a solid general knowledge, a good understanding of today’s society, an accomplished visual and graphic culture, and a genuine curiosity, notably regarding new technologies.


DSAA students engage in research during their second year, and write an academic, extended dissertation to back up their practical and plastic research project, which they ultimately defend in front of a jury of university teachers and professionals (graphic designers, artists, producers, etc.).


  • Individual coaching
  • Free access to a large range of equipments
  • Great creative freedom
  • Work on a variety of formats, from print to digital
  • Very active alumni network